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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mysticism: (Part 2: Approach)

We believe the approach to some these problem (especially ones concerning healing) can be resolved through an understanding of the placebo effect.  The belief that something may work, can have a surprisingly powerful, positive effect.  There is tremendous variation in how the placebo effect works, but there is convincing empirical evidence it is real.

The first recorded mention of the placebo effect was in 1784, where Lavoisier used a new method of blind experimentation to expose the mesmerists.  The recognition of the placebo force was a major breakthrough in modern medicine, allow experimenters to filter out the noise created by the power of the placebo in order to identify other forces that heal.  Because of its near ubiquity, the placebo effect was drowning out or distorting most experiments.

The description of the placebo force closely matches the description of the mysterious forces of mysticism.   There are similar, specific methods for inducing both. One example is that red pills have greater efficacy in inducing the placebo effect of a stimulant than blue bills.  The reverse is true of a depressant.  (See the wiki article for more details.)

The very art of practical mysticism can be described as the art of inducing the placebo effect. The mystic is a master of this art.  It is not that easy to learn.  It requires a tremendous amount of research to understand all the various factors that influence it.  This knowledge in amassed and passed down to future generations.  (Back then it was an through oral tradition and books, nowadays its through Wikipedia.)


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