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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids and the 4 Cups (Part 4: More Svara)

More Svara (5 min)


  1. For RY, if the mitzvah is to have an actual expression of cherus, and for a kid, this cannot be acheived through the daled cosos, isn't it a jump to then make up a different tzura altogether? Granted that candy/staying up late is more of a cherus expereince for them than wine, it still seems like a strange form of chinuch to have a completley different tzuras hamitzva, even considering the fact that the mitzvah is a conceptual expression. In other words, from your svara, I think the more logical conclusion is that a kid would be patur completely.... you cannot accomplish chinuch, so there's no expression for a kid--- yet RY introduces a completely alien tzura.
    Furthermore, according to the way you are explaining RY, what does the "yishalu" portion have to do with this expression of cherus? if the cherus is from the perspective of the kid's experience, I don't think that asking Qs is his experience of cherus (I don't think the explanation you gave in Post 3 for yishalu can apply to this approach).

    1. There's a primary obligation of "to see/demonstrate yourself as if you went out of mitzrayim..." The rabanan gave form to this in 4 cups (and leaning). Although a kid isn't subject to chinuch on the particular form the rabanan gave, he is subject to chinuch on the primary obligation by doing his form of cheirus. (another example where chinuch doesnt match the mitzvah exactly is fasting a few hours on Yom Kippur).

      The need for yishalu is because a cheirus which is not tied to ideas is not the Torah's idea of cheirus. Therefore, the training must be in a cheirus which is related to mitzvos and ideas.


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